Selfie Bombing


So I was just walking along Kembla Street and I saw that the girl walking ahead of me slowed down for a bit to take a selfie. I was walking faster so when she slowed again to take the second one I was in the perfect position to stick my face into the background of the shot. So I did. She freaked out for a second (should have taken a photo of that) and I kept walking past her, she yelled out “You just caught me didn’t you” and I just nodded without looking back. She was pretty embarrassed, especially when we agreed I was going to post about this on facebook…Made my day.

Fuck Cancer


Fuck Cancer


We love you Jess!




2013-01-08 16.13.56But seriously, for the next few days if I’m not at work I’ll be reading this. Or stopping myself from reading it too fast because it’s the last one. I’m terrible at goodbyes.

I don’t even…


2012-12-18 17.44.37

This afternoon I walked into the kitchen after hearing the stove-fan and smelling something synthetic burning. Turns out my housemate Ash was cutting some of his rock-climbing gear to length by heating up my steak knife on the stove and using it to cut his little ropey thing so it would melt at the ends and not fray…while at the same time melting all over my knife.

Because I mean why wouldn’t you?

Back to Android!


Taken on my iPhone…

“Don’t you guys have anything better to do?”


A couple of years ago (today actually) three friends and I (myself, Sam and Charlotte up there with Peter taking the picture) were on a pretty routine midnight Maccas run until we realised the door to the playground was open. We spent the next hour running around playing in the playground and eventually making up a track and holding time trials. We all came out of it with a lot of bumps and bruises and one of us (me) victory. When we were finally discovered we weren’t yelled at or threatened, the Maccas employee just stared at us and said “Don’t you guys have anything better to do?”. We didn’t. Sometimes I really miss college :p

Ellie Goulding’s 3-Way Linking


I don’t remember writing back to Ellie Goulding about her pyramid scheme!

Mount Keira


A few friends and I climbed (walked?) to the top of Mount Keira yesterday as a pretty extreme GTFO the house move. After living here for three and a half years, it was about time.

If your browser is stretching the images, open them in a new tab or window!

Problem Steps Recorder


I’m stealing this directly from the article on lifehacker, because absolutely anybody who has had to help anyone with a problem on Windows needs to know about this!

Here’s a good use for an otherwise unknown feature of Windows 7:

Windows 7 contains the Problem Steps Recorder (PSR). Hit the Start button and Search Problem Steps Recorder, or go to Control Panel and search for Problem Steps Recorder. Stupid name for a program if you ask me, Problem Parents Recorder would be a better name.

You can use this both ways: from you to daddy or from daddy to you. If dad is proving particularly obtuse when you’re trying to help him over the phone you can start PSR on your own machine, do the required problematic task and close PSR. PSR records everything you do except what you type but includes mouse clicks, programs run, menus opened etc. and it grabs a screenshot of every action. It then adds a commentary about what your action was at each step, bundles it up in an html file inside a zip file for you to send to the errant parent. The parent can then see what is supposed to be happening as you yell down the phone at him.

Conversely he can run it himself to record his feeble attempts at mastering the computer and have it automatically emailed to you for corrective action. Above all keep calm, remember: you share genes.

It’s also good to have it running to keep a record yourself of what you do or steps you take to resolve your own problems—like when you change something in the registry then when you go to change it back you can’t remember where the hell it was.



In my experience this could also be quite useful to create screenshots and documentation for assignments at school/uni.


Once again, this article (and other cool stuff) can be found at lifehacker.

What I love about Australia…


I love that the former Prime Minister, now Minister for Foreign Affairs, would bring the attention of the US Secretary of State to a joke about her inviting a couple of Australian funny guys to a BBQ. KRudd ftw!

This video should help explain it a bit further…

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