Day Zero



I woke on a deserted beach, the afternoon sun just peeking over the mountains. I looked over at the small group of islands across the shoals and saw what I thought was a hut. Heading over to the building I tried to think about what was happening; I didn’t know where I was, I didn’t know how I’d gotten here, and most importantly, I had no idea what the controls were!

I spawned on the beach facing South-East towards the ocean and a group of islands, Otmel being the nearest. I didn’t know much about the game, but I knew that I was probably going to die reasonably soon. Everything that I’d heard or read about the mod said that I’d be dying really soon. There was no tutorial, no instructions and no one there to help me learn what I needed to know, there was only survive. I hadn’t actually looked behind me at the mountains (and obvious expanse of land) before I’d started wading over to Otmel, looking around at the trees and seemingly abandoned building while trying to adjust to the very heavy motion blur in the game. Once I reached land, I started trying out some of the usual buttons, shift made me walk slower (and make less noise according to the ear on the right side of the screen) and space didn’t seem to make me jump. All of a sudden I heard a weird and nasty sound coming from the left and knew what it had to be. I started sprinting. (more…)

Ellie Goulding’s 3-Way Linking


I don’t remember writing back to Ellie Goulding about her pyramid scheme!

5 years ago


I bought it 12 hours ago!

5 years ago

Speaking of sleep, I’m not going to be doing myself any favours tonight! Bring on disappointment and/or excitement at 2:30am tonight!



I’ve tried so many different things to fix up my sleep schedule; I’ve tried staying up for 40 hours and sleeping at a ‘normal’ time the next night, I’ve tried forcing myself to bed early, I’ve tried getting up at 7am even if it means I only get 3 hours sleep that night, but it never works.

Sometimes it works for a little while, but I always start staying up later and later as I get interested in something or doing an assignment. I’m not sure if it’s necessarily a bad thing, I seem to get things done for the most part, and I’m always at my most productive later on in the evening and night, I just sometimes get a weird feeling that if I got onto a good cycle with a good amount of sleep I’d all of a sudden feel amazing in a way I didn’t even know I felt bad. I don’t know.

For now I guess I’ll go back to my 5-6 hour nights.

Mount Keira


A few friends and I climbed (walked?) to the top of Mount Keira yesterday as a pretty extreme GTFO the house move. After living here for three and a half years, it was about time.

If your browser is stretching the images, open them in a new tab or window!

No Fast Food February


So I am sort of ‘borrowing’ this idea from @nathcarruthers, although I know this sort of idea has been out there for a really long time. Anyway, for the month of February (so now!), I’ll be skipping out on fast food, with these basic restrictions:

  • The obvious – places like Maccas, KFC, Hungry Jacks, Dominos, etc.
  • The slightly less obvious – places like Subway, any mall food outlet, gourmet pizzas like Crust
  • Eating at (real) restaurants is okay, as is getting take-away from them, as long as it isn’t in plastic containers! (So somewhere like Outback Steakhouse is on the cards, albeit expensive!)
  • Exceptions:
    • Free lunch on Friday – work gets take-out for us for lunch on Friday. As long as it isn’t too bad (so something like Indian would be fine), it’s okay. Otherwise I go home and have sadface-sandwhich time.
    • Boost! – Boost is a mall food outlet so…as long as I’m only getting a juice every now and then I’m okay.

So yeah, that’s basically it. Nothing too special, just something I’m going to do. Putting it out there just helps with definition and motivation! I had my last Maccas last night while working late, so that should hopefully hold me over for at least another month!



So in a pretty introspective mood last night I started to write (ramble) about a couple of different things, going to have a post called ‘Life’ that summed up pretty much everything at the moment. It was too long and didn’t really make sense, so I’m just going to cut bits and pieces out of it and post those for the next few weeks. Sort of just a recap of a bit more than the last year.


At the start of the year I found a really cool website that lets people join rooms based on genre’s and types on music where there are 5 DJ’s (anyone from the community can be a DJ) who take turns choosing songs which the crowd then rates. It was a great place to find new music and it was really fun to have a room of people like your song, but then of course all countries outside of the U.S were banned. I went back recently using a VPN and saw that it was still great (and that I was apparently an ‘Original Gangster’ from way back when it was in closed beta), although some rooms had just become a bit of a Levels fest. After finding some really cool music and artists on turntable, I was turned onto Hype Machine by a mate which has been fairly fun (and managed to ruin music for me! If a song has any empty space my mind now says “you really could fit another song in there…”) and I’ve found a fair bit of music that I like.

As well as the single-track stuff I’ve always had a few artists and albums I’ve really gotten into in the last year or so. Of course there was the usual MOS Sessions and Annuals that I used to be so into, and moving in with @nathcarruthers I became a fan of deadmau5 who dropped 4×4=12, and Skrillex (who’s new album is pretty much ‘meh’) amongst a few others. At the very start of the year I found Kanye’s new album “My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy” and have to say that, regardless of how up himself the guy is (that is part of the fun after all), it is an amazing album and definitely the best thing he’s ever done.

The best musical discovery of 2011 however, would have to be Childish Gambino. Real name Donald Glover, he’s much better known for his character Troy on Community, and probably less known for being a writer on 30 Rock. The thing I like about most of his music is that it’s just a fresh take on rap (that I listen to anyway) and he is just so clever! So many lines in his songs just leave me with a big grin on my face. A couple of my favourites would be Break, Freaks and Geeks and Heartbeat but the new album Camp is altogether pretty great. And there I go…getting a bit rambly already (even though I’ve missed some stuff out). I’m a bit tired, but time to move on! Leaving music off with one thing; the story at the end of Camp.

NFL on TV, Myth of Renewable Energy and Water Doesn’t Quench Your Thirst


A few things caught my interest in the last couple of days and rather than post them all separately all over Twitter and Facebook, I thought I’d chuck it all in one place.

Problem Steps Recorder


I’m stealing this directly from the article on lifehacker, because absolutely anybody who has had to help anyone with a problem on Windows needs to know about this!

Here’s a good use for an otherwise unknown feature of Windows 7:

Windows 7 contains the Problem Steps Recorder (PSR). Hit the Start button and Search Problem Steps Recorder, or go to Control Panel and search for Problem Steps Recorder. Stupid name for a program if you ask me, Problem Parents Recorder would be a better name.

You can use this both ways: from you to daddy or from daddy to you. If dad is proving particularly obtuse when you’re trying to help him over the phone you can start PSR on your own machine, do the required problematic task and close PSR. PSR records everything you do except what you type but includes mouse clicks, programs run, menus opened etc. and it grabs a screenshot of every action. It then adds a commentary about what your action was at each step, bundles it up in an html file inside a zip file for you to send to the errant parent. The parent can then see what is supposed to be happening as you yell down the phone at him.

Conversely he can run it himself to record his feeble attempts at mastering the computer and have it automatically emailed to you for corrective action. Above all keep calm, remember: you share genes.

It’s also good to have it running to keep a record yourself of what you do or steps you take to resolve your own problems—like when you change something in the registry then when you go to change it back you can’t remember where the hell it was.



In my experience this could also be quite useful to create screenshots and documentation for assignments at school/uni.


Once again, this article (and other cool stuff) can be found at lifehacker.

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