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NFL on TV, Myth of Renewable Energy and Water Doesn’t Quench Your Thirst


A few things caught my interest in the last couple of days and rather than post them all separately all over Twitter and Facebook, I thought I’d chuck it all in one place.

50″ Samsung 3D Plasma



My housemate’s (@nathcarruthers) new TV

Samsung Galaxy S


So after losing my old lg phone I finally found an excuse to upgrade myself to a smart phone. After a but of looking around and a load of persuasion from my friends I styled on the Galaxy S. Really enjoying it at the moment, its doing everything I expected and more. For example, this post had been written entirely on my phone using Swype in under 5  minutes. Might post a couple of pictures and more about it later but I just wanted to test my new wordpress app. Loving it.

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