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So apparently I haven’t even posted here in 3 months, not that I’ve really noticed that much of the time go by, everything has just sort of started to blur. I understand why, there have been a few changes going on over the last few months as well. Firstly, I’ve moved up to the ever so feared 3rd year at uni.It’s not all that bad, but there’s just a level of commitment expected that I never used to have to give them. That and project. CSCI321 is a compulsory subject in Computer Science, generally taken in 3rd year (which is normally the last), it doesn’t introduce any more content, rather draws from everything we’ve already learned (plus a bit more) and asks us to do something most of us have never done before; form a group and over the course of the next 8 months, create a real, useful program. My group has decided to create a carpooling program, you can find out more about it and follow it’s development at (in particular the blogs).

Another thing that has brought a pretty hectic change to my life is my new job as an IT Administrator and Programmer at a local financial group. This job has affected me in many ways, both good and bad, stealing almost all of my free time, but giving me the cash to not only survive, but to enjoy any free time I manage to wrangle up. From the first day I was dropped into the deep end, being asked to manage a system of 5 servers (4 linux, 1 windows) with an array of programs I’d never used or never heard of with only a fairly brief overview of the whole setup and a root password. Regardless, about 2 or 3 months later I’ve got a decent grasp on the system and am making some changes to one of our two in-house programs. I’d have to say that the last few months at work have taught me things that I’d never have learned during my 3 years at uni and while I’m certainly no master, my tab-fu has become much stronger, as has my knowledge of so many important sysadmin things like apache, bash, openvpn, nagios, dirvish, exchange, postgresql and hell even java! Even as I’ve settled in though they keep bringing problems to me that fit into a few categories:

a) Easy solved. Just a simple code change, a reset or showing them what to do.
b) User Error. I’ve always heard it in jokes and in comics but seriously, a lot of people really just have no idea what they’re doing. I guess they can’t help that sometimes, but some of the problems have been pretty weak. (I also don’t want to even think about how bad some of their passwords are).
c) I have no idea. None. Whatsoever. Either I don’t know how to do this but I’ll get on figuring it out or just plain old “Uh…yeah, I’ll try and do that”. Some of the stuff really just doesn’t make any sense.

I was talking to a friend on IRC last night and he said something that seems really true and exciting and daunting at the same time:

[23:05] <TimmyRt> Haha, as my power grows I only realise how little I know :p
[23:05] <~TSeeker> and that’s good :-)
[23:06] <~TSeeker> we are *always* noobs :)

At the same time as work is really filling up all my spare time, it is giving me the money that I need to be fully self-sufficient. I’d never really believed it when people told me before, but living completely off my own back kind of feels good, especially when there is some money left over for gadgets! I’ve managed to buy myself a couple of cool little gadgets, some that I’ve wanted for a very very long time, but that’s for another post.

The other new part of life that takes up so much of my time now is just that; life. Now that I’ve moved out of college and into a house with 3 of my mates (and kitty), there are so many little things that just add up to fill in my entire day. Make breakfast, clean up after breakfast, go shopping, make lunch, clean up after lunch, do my laundry, hang my clothes out, make dinner, do the dishes, clean the house, watch tv…although more often than not it turns into skip breakfast, buy lunch, eat dinner, leave dishes for a few days and then do a LOT of them. I don’t know, there just isn’t enough time in the day.
At the same time, living in a house is great. Apart from all the little issues like “Who’s turn it is to clean up!?” and “Who used the last of the toiler paper!?” it’s really great having your own little slice of the world that you can do what you want in and with (within reason) without the full might of…the head of college coming down on you. It’s fun just to live the day by your own schedule which is made difficult by uni and work, but yeah…fun stuff.

So yeah, I’m currently writing this while lying on my queen-sized bed using one of my brand new gadgets (teaser!)  listening to my next door neighbour pull up in his ute (I’m already over real-life neighbours) thinking about how I never really have any time to get anything done, but at the same time I’ve managed to sit here and type this, after a long day of doing not much at all. I guess some of it comes down to a bit of time management, but I think another important thing is too, that I need some time to do nothing, just to  chill out and do nothing but what I want to do, which I think at the moment is to sit down with a beer, play with some code and maybe fire up a game or two using my new headset.

My Backlog


Everyone has a backlog. That stack of games that only ever seems to grow, especially with the release schedule for Q1 this year! Mine isn’t too long, but that’s mainly because it’s only made up of games I know can afford or borrow from a friend, and many of them are games that I own and have started, but haven’t had time to finish because of Uni and work. I’m also going to throw on a game or two that I plan on getting into very soon. So without further ado, my backlog:

  • Assassin’s Creed 2 – I’ve been playing AC2 for about a month now and really loving it. I’ve finished the main story and only have about 11 of the 100 feathers to go. Once I get those last few feathers, and the Auditore Cape I’ll only have to visit each city and I’ll have 1000/1000 gamerscore for the game…Until tomorrow when The Battle of Forli DLC comes out, which will no doubt include achievements, quickly stripping me of one of five 100% complete games.
  • Mass Effect 2 – Hardly something you can say is on my backlog (considering it came out today). I ordered the special edition online while I was writing this post so I am going to get to it ASAP. Can’t wait!
  • Left 4 Dead 2 – I got L4D2 about the same time as AC2, but haven’t payed it as much attention due to the lack of other players here. I’ve done the first campaign, and made it through maybe half of dark carnival, but it doesn’t seem right to be playing a game like this without at least one other human player. Another sad point to make about the game is how Valve was forced to desecrate L4D2 by the Australian Classification Board, who was sort of forced to do it by The Devil/Michael Atkinson. Basically there are: No corpses, no gore, no blood or anything of the sort. In fact, Zombies fade away as you kill them, generally not even hitting the ground. If you use fire or a pipe bomb, they simply disappear. It really takes away from the atmosphere and ruins the experience, but at least it came out I suppose (although from all appearances Valve didn’t do much of a job when they toned it down, the just took EVERYTHING out). So in summary, I’ve got a lot to do in L4D2.
  • Modern Warfare 2 – Yeah okay, I missed the biggest hit of the holiday. I suppose one excuse can be that although I’ve played all the 360 CoDs bar one (CoD2, CoD4:MW and CoD:WaW), I’ve never actually owned one. It isn’t that I have anything against them (In fact I loved them, and can’t wait for MW2), but after I play through the campaign, maybe a couple of times there isn’t much in it for me. From what I have played of the multiplayer (in LANs on PC) I’ve really enjoyed it, I just don’t have the internet connection to support online multiplayer. Still, it is definitely on the list and you’ll probably see it on my gamercard in the next month or so.
  • Halo 3: ODST – Sadly, the first FPS Halo game I haven’t owned (don’t have Halo Wars either). This was completely for financial reasons. I did borrow ODST and play it through on Normal, but I definitely still need to hopefully get myself a copy, and play it through on Legendary and see what else I can do. I really enjoyed the game, and Firefight kicked arse, so when the time comes, I’m sure I’ll really enjoy ODST again.
  • Dragon Age: Origins – I am planning on building a new computer in the next month or so when I get back to Uni and DA:O is going to be coming right along with it. Jumping into ME2 and DA:O at the same time is going to be bloody time consuming, especially when I want to get my MW2 on at some stage soon as well, but from all reports it is going to be worth it. Can’t wait to try a Bioware RPG, made for PCs on a PC!
  • Grand Theft Auto 4 – GTA4 was a lifesaver for me back when it came out in the start of 2008. It was the only game I could afford for a long while and thankfully it was big enough to last me ages. So long in fact that I still haven’t finished it! I made it most of the way through the campaign when the HSC hit, and I had a little bit of a break from gaming (admittedly that is when I started watching a LOT of Stargate.) It wasn’t only the HSC I suppose, the game seemed to get a little less addictive towards the end, but if I get time, I’m planning on getting back in and finishing it, and perhaps going for a few achievements as well.
  • Gears of War 2 – For me, GoW2 wasn’t really that fantastic. I loved the Horde mode, and did manage to get to Wave 50 in that, but I seemed to just blow through the campaign on Hardcore without giving it too much though. I suppose that might mean the story didn’t really grip me, but I suppose it will get another go when I play through it on Insane.

As well as all of this (which will be no mean feat!) I have the approaching threat of Splinter Cell Conviction, a game I have been waiting for years for now. With that and all sorts of other games coming out, heaps of TV shows and movies as well as that life thing and Uni, I’m not sure if I’ll be catching up on my backlog. In fact that would kind of defy most Backlogs in general (ever growing). I suppose though, if I even get close, I’m only playing on easy mode by not including games that I’d like to play but can’t afford like Borderlands, Batman: Arkham Asylum, Brutal Legend, all sorts of fake instrument games and loads more.
I can’t wait to get my hands on Mass Effect 2, and I’ll try and finish off Assassin’s Creed 2 before it gets here.
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